Slither Sessions Fanatics

Welcome to the Slither Sessions fan page. Slither Sessions is a YouTube Channel dedicated to gameplay. This game is highly addictive. Mods

After becoming frustrated with OSX support of existing mod sets for, we decided to write our own. Checkout the How to Install Slither Sessions Mods. Features

  • Play with friends via server IP connect
  • On the fly skin rotator
  • Additional Skins
  • Clan tags (ask us if you want yours added)
  • Remembers clan and nick upon refresh
  • Autoplay Robot
  • Mobile rendering
  • ZOOM with mouse
  • Force static IP/Server
  • More...

Live Streaming

Currently we do two varieties of live streaming on YouTube. The Wake N' Snake stream happens periodically in the mornings while Freestylin' stream usually happens around midnight.

Thanks for checking out the site

Make sure to download the mods and play with us on